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Let us assist you with managing the electric and/or natural gas utility services for your project.


Our expertise is in the design and construction standards of electric and natural gas utilities.


What We Do

Cutter Energy Solutions provides electric and natural gas utility service consulting.  We provide recommendations for the most efficient and cost-effective designs of the electric and natural gas utilities for any type of project.  We assist in the due diligence prior to submitting to the utility company.  We manage the communications with the local utility in order to reduce the potential of any delays during the design or construction.

Why We Do It

Dana Cutter spent more than 15 years working for electric and natural utilities in the design and construction departments.  During his tenure, he saw the need for a consulting firm to assist Developers and their teams in the management of expectations from the utility companies. Having an experienced consultant onboard allows for efficient communications with the utility company as well as provides guidance in the design of the electric and natural gas utilities for the project.

Electrical Inspectors

Preliminary Utility


This process allows us to coordinate with the architect and various engineers to determine the optimal electric and/or natural gas utility placement.


Service Application Submittal

Rest assured, each step is covered. We will work with the project manager to ensure the application for electric and/or natural gas service is completed and accurate.

Technicians at Work


Design Coordination

Here to help. We will walk along side client's project manager and the local electric or natural gas utility company to streamline the design duration. Efficiency, in crucial.



Installation Coordination

Finally, we ensure your project goals comes together, effectively. We work with your team; overseeing and organizing the electric and/or natural gas installation process.

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