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Utility Installation Coordination

Finally, we ensure your project goals comes together, effectively, from beginning to end. We will coordinate with the project manager; overseeing and organizing the electric and/or natural gas installation process.

Energy Consultation Services

This service provides you guidance and coordination efforts through the local electric or natural gas utility installation process.

  • coordination with the local utility and all project team members through the construction process.

  • guidance as to the installation process of the required developer installed local utility infrastructure.

  • regular communications with the local utility as to the current status of construction.

  • regular site inspections to provide guidance on the progress of construction.

  • attendance at any requested meeting with the local utility.

Each service may be contracted individually or combined for a reduced cost.

*Cutter Energy Solutions is not responsible for the actions of the client's project team or contractors. In order for the stated benefits to be realized, the communications with Cutter Energy Solutions must be efficient and timely.



  • Reduction of schedule of the customer required electric and/or natural gas utility installation tasks.

  • Reduction of potential delays in the local electric or natural gas utility installation.

  • Improved communications with local electric or natural gas utility due to one contact for coordination or electric and/or natural gas installation.

  • Potential reduction of delays with electric and/or natural gas meter installation due to unforeseen jurisdiction inspections.

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