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We strive to help developers, builders, engineers, and electricians in the development community to reduce the duration of establishing electric and/or natural gas utility services to their project site. Allow us to provide guidance through the entire utility process to help reduce the likelihood of costly unexpected delays.

At Cutter Energy Solutions, we are advocates striving to save our clients money and precious time.


To provide a professional level of service to our clients and help them complete their project ahead of schedule and under budget.


Dana L. Cutter


Cutter Energy Solutions was created when owner, Dana Cutter, saw a need and a demand  for his 15 years of electric and natural gas utility experience.  

As a result of numerous interactions with the development community as well as their engineers and contractors, Dana understands the intense need Developers have in order to satisfy efficiency expectations, with regards to electric and natural gas utilities.

Dana is a PE, licensed in the state of TX, a proud veteran of the U.S. Navy (active duty and reserves) and possesses an MBA.

Contact us by email at  

or call us today, at 210.845.4395.

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