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Preliminary Utility Design

This process allows us to coordinate with the architect and various engineers to determine the optimal electric and/or natural gas utility placement.

Energy Consultation Services

  • guidance and support in the pre-design of the site for all electric and natural gas infrastructure.  This includes the placement of the infrastructure to meet the local utility’s standards.

  • a high level budgetary estimate for the cost associated with the installation of the electric and natural gas infrastructure.

  • guidance as to the expected extension policy credits that should be provided according to the local utility’s policies.

  • guidance as to the local utility’s service standards for each electric and natural gas service to the structures.

  • guidance and validation of all documentation with respect to the local utility’s application for service process.

  • process management through the acceptance of the service application and assignment of design staff at the local utility.

  • coordination with all project team members.

  • attendance at any requested meeting with the local utility.

Electrical Inspectors

Each service may be contracted individually or combined for a reduced cost.

*Cutter Energy Solutions is not responsible for the actions of the client's project team or contractors. In order for the stated benefits to be realized, the communications with Cutter Energy Solutions must be efficient and timely.


  • Reduction of architect and engineering (Civil and MEP) cost due to redesigning site due to electric and/or natural gas conflicts encountered too late in the site design process.

  • Reduction to overall preliminary design schedule.

  • Preliminary budget for electric and/or natural gas services.

  • A quicker decision as to the whether redundant electric service is cost effective for the project site.

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